Tony Kerins


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Tony KerinsWe’re all busy, these days, we probably always were. Dashing from one thing to the next, meeting our commitments. I’m a busy illustrator producing artwork for clients – in the last year that’s included a book on the Ancient Egyptians as well as Maps and Trail Guides for Durlston and the Roman Villa at Chedworth in Gloucestershire. Our house is in the middle of renovation. One of my sons is two years old and another of them plays cricket.

Once I sat for long and pleasurable hours on hillsides and streets and the life room. ‘Draw what you see.’ This education began at school in Lancashire, continued throughout Art College at Manchester and the RCA, and is still the underlying principle of my personal work. I still keep a sketchpad, recording life, experimenting with ways of doing.

The pictures on show are more suitably described as, ‘What did you see?’ They have all been done from memory. I don’t use a camera but they’re all the result of some visual experience that I’ve wanted to turn into an image. Sometimes, like ‘Lone Surfer’, I work from drawings I did at the time, and one painting, ‘Spring Visitor’, was painted from life.
More usually, like ‘Seven in the morning’, I try to keep the idea of what I’ve seen in my mind, until I can find some time when I don’t feel too guilty about putting it down. This means that geographical veracity gives way to my attempt at describing the feel of the moment.

There’s nearly always something to see from our windows. Time is tight but I’m very grateful for the views.