Steve Robinson


Steve Robinson

Steve Robinson is an award-winning glass artist and designer.

From his studio on the beautiful West Wales coast he designs and produces
a wide range of pieces in kiln-formed glass.

Seascapes and coastal colours inspire much of his work. Bursting with
intriguing patterns and textures, every piece offers something different,
drawing the eye and enhancing a room.

The techniques in Steve Robinson’s work are not widely used. He is one of only a small number of glass artists in the UK to apply enamel powder to glass, rather than working with pre-coloured glass. The use of the very fine powders enables him to create unique shading and rich textures and patterns which cannot be achieved by any other method, making his work instantly recognisable.

Also unmistakable is Steve Robinson’s use of slumping to achieve sculptural forms such as his shell-form bowls. This technique can also be incorporated into wall hanging designs, resulting in his characteristic three-dimensional relief within the pattern which is achieved by slumping the panel over hand-formed moulds.

Steve is well known for pioneering the use of kiln-formed glass to create bespoke artistic splashbacks, which create a stunning light-reflecting backdrop in kitchens and bathrooms.

Steve comments “I like to be constantly producing fresh work, with each piece being a progression from the last as I explore and challenge the technical limits of glass as a medium. I work with a sense of humour and fun, and an open mind. I love having no constraints, and being free to be spontaneous without having to conform to trends. In these days of mass production it is my desire to produce handcrafted pieces of superb quality, in complete contrast. Each item is made to be treasured, and to be admired on its own merits. After firing, the edges of my multi-layered ornamental pieces are painstakingly cold-processed – using a series of 5 diamond discs, the edges are ground and polished to create a beautiful finish.”

Steve’s client list includes John Lewis plc and Hilton Hotels but he also welcomes commissions from private customers, for splashbacks, wall art, three-dimensional pieces and large-scale architectural panels. Alternatively, visitors to the Gallery adjoining his Studio in St Davids, Pembrokeshire can browse and choose from his current collection of work.